April 13, 2024
BCT Bus at Galleria

City Buses take a Hit

Miami News

City Buses take a Hit

Transit bus operators are driving under the gun.

Broward County, FL

In recent weeks, street thugs have stepped up their attacks on county buses, leaving the public at large, bus riders and Bus Operators vulnerable to injuries and possibly death. If an operator is hit and lose control

The attackers have not only increased their frequency of attacks but also their choice of weaponry. They have gone from throwing eggs, rocks and bottles to employing the use of pellet guns and have now graduated to small caliber firearms.

With the readily availability of guns on the streets of South Florida, it is not a stretch of the imagination to envision a crossover from pellet guns to a high-powered 9MM – if those criminals are left unchecked in their reckless misdeeds. 

It is endemic: Most of the attacks come in the same areas, sometimes separated by minutes and or blocks apart.


Curbing their appetite for destruction?

Operators are saying they cannot wait for someone to be maimed or killed for swift and meaningful action to be taken.

Police departments investigating these wanton acts of violence must begin to take these violent attacks more seriously. Resources must be poured into a preventative course of action and investigation. Videos must be pulled and photos of the offending thugs must be posted on bus benches.


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