April 13, 2024

Who will it be: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg, or Buttigieg?

Although the field of donkeys has winnowed, there is still a swath of three-legged jackasses running with blinders on that refuse embrace reality, fall by the wayside, or get out of the race.

The hangers-on candidates who refuse to exit the field are running on a runner’s high. They are caught up with the admiration of their diehard supporters who can’t see past their noses or the forest for the trees.

At this point in the arena, President Trump is stacking his chips, licking his chops with great anticipation – as wonders which donkey will be selected for him to ride to victory into the White House for another four years of prosperity and making America Greater.

With the new Biden comeback, on Super Tuesday, most democrats are singing hosanna. But what they fail to realize is that Biden is a corrupted politician, and his son Hunter’s shady dealings in Ukraine is an albatross that is plastered on his face.

Joe Biden is a wounded donkey that President Donald Trump will comfortably ride to a 2020 Presidential election victory.

And while Bernie Sanders appears a viable candidate, the world knows that he’s just an old relic of Lenin. Should the Dems lose their minds and make him their 2020 nominee, President Trump will be more than happy to ride this Fidelito to victory.

The other incidental candidates in the race, such as Warren (a do-gooder) and Klobuchar (to African Americans: Klo Butcher, the persecutor), at this point they are considered empty barrels are making noise.

The stable of Democratic donkeys say they are running for president, but the picture they paint is one of a wounded mule running on out of breath and on its last leg.

Staff Writer: Victor Victor Magni


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