July 25, 2024

President Trump Fears The Democrats Have The 2020 Elections Rigged?

Across America, Republican voters, remain vigilant because exit polli8s, in most states, show the President leading his Democratic opponent Joe Biden by a sizable margin. There is a strong feeling of apprehension among Trump and his ardent supporters that the election is rigged against him – not because the numbers don’t exist to return him to the White House but because some in the liberal media appears to be delivering slanted news reports that favor former Vice President Joe Biden. 

President Trump contends that before the COVID-19, the American economy was booming, “The best the country has had in its history.” The stock market was doing great, jobs were created at a record-breaking pace, and unemployment was the lowest it has ever been, in decades, for Black Americans.  

In Florida, Trump depends on Latinos in Miami-Dade County and middle-class voters in Lighthouse Point to deliver the States’ Electoral College to him on a silver platter. But the margins in Florida could prove to be razor-thin in favor of Trump. While Miami-Dade County is a Republican stronghold, the County of Broward is known as a Democrat basin.  

Trump, law and order President has been at odds with Joe Biden, Biden, and many believe he is leaning towards appeasing the Black Lives Matter gang and their demands to dismantle the police. Trump has vowed that the dismantling of the law will not happen on his watch. 

Staff Writer: Devon J. Castro 


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