July 25, 2024

A peaceful transfer of power in a “Rigged election..?”

With seventy-one million Americans voicing their choice for Donald Trump to be their president and more than seventy-five million Americans said they’d rather have Joseph R. Biden as their top representative in Washington, perhaps it is time to have split party representatives in the White House as President and Vice President.

If the nation is divided evenly as to whether they want a Democrat or Republican to represent them – the party with the most votes should get to be president. The leader of the runner-up party gets to be his Vice President.

It is time to reduce the disenfranchisement of nearly half of the American people every four years and the resentment that builds and festers for years or generations to come. If the Democrats and Joe Biden want the healing to begin in America, this would be a good place. It’s going to be hard for reconciliation to take place when half of the nation feels cheated.

The peaceful transfer of power is that Trump takes the reins as Vice President and Biden as President – there no need for a Kamala Harris because she didn’t win the contest. Kamala is just a loser riding Biden’s coattail to victory.


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